5 Reasons Why Rainforests Are Vital To Human Existence

The plight of the rainforests

As March the 12th approaches we are reminded of the ruthless way man is destroying the rain forests.  The clearing of millions of acres of rainforests each year is fast becoming a problem for our planet.  They span one-third of the earth’s surface and are the life support for countless creatures and organic infrastructures including that of human life.

5 Reasons why rainforests are vital for human existence

#1 The air we breathe

One tree provides a full day’s oxygen supply for up to ten people whilst absorbing the carbon dioxide we breathe out.   They are the key to keeping us breathing clean healthy air.

#2 Help fight global warming

Trees keep the earth cool by absorbing harmful CO2 that is rapidly becoming thicker and thicker aiding in the heating of the earth.  Without a canopy of dense forest to absorb it the earth will start to heat even faster than it currently is.

#3 They bring the precious rain

The Amazon forest alone can produce a microclimate large enough to ensure rain for as far afield as the Great Plains of North America.  Rainforests have the power to influence the weather patterns by generating a lot of atmospheric pressure.

#4 Prevent flooding

Just as they bring rain they help prevent flooding conditions too.
The trees with the deeper roots can absorb a lot of ground water, especially in flash floods which can drastically reduce property damage and soil loss.

#5 They are a source of food and medicine

They provide the food such as berries, nuts and fruits for deer, birds and other critters.  The supply a haven of various food sources on the forest floors such as mushrooms that various beetles and animals can feed off.  They also supply us with various medicines.


March the 21st was declared International Day of Forests in 2012 by the UN.  This was a global effort to try and restore some balance to our ecosystem and stop the tyrannous destruction of our rain forests.

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