Living an eco-friendly life

What is eco-friendly living?  Eco-friendly living, is living a life more earth or nature-friendly life?  A life that is in no way harmful to the planet and the environment.

Some books for living an eco-friendly simpler life

#1 Green Building
Informative well-written articles on building and achieving complete energy efficient green homes. Covering technical aspects and various green materials needed for sustainable green buildings.

#2 Green Car Design
An innovative website looking at available greener means of transportation. An independent site taking a fresh look at the green transportation options available. This magazine tells it like it is and is completely dedicated to a greener planet.

#3 Inspired Times Magazine
An inspirational magazine with hard copies printed on one hundred percent recycled paper.
It features recent green projects and the people behind them making the difference.
Focusing on sustainable living and environmental issues keeping Eco-warriors well informed.


We should all be doing our bit to ensure a better future. Every little bit we do counts start by making better choices.

What we do today reflects on things to come in the future.